Arequipa, Peru is in the heart of Colca Valley. Throughout most of the year, this area of then country is similar to the rest. With heavy Aztec influence, mixed with former Spanish customers, there is an eclectic taste towards just about everything. The Spanish based roofing is combined with Aztec styled construction, not to mention almost all of the food is a combination of both. However, during April, there is an event that is something like what you won’t see anywhere else in the country. Holy Week is different here than throughout most of the country, and whether you are religious or not, this is something truly magical and special about the events and festivities that take place in the city.

The entire event begins on Palm Sunday, so although in some months Holy Week might take place in April, there are other times where it may start in a different month. The event continues throughout Easter weekend and is marked by several Aztec like rituals, with the creation of handicrafts, textiles and traditional food. The entire week comes to a conclusion on Easter. Every day during the week there is a different event and activity taking place inside Arequipa, Peru.

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