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Arequipa is a charming city in Peru that offers spectacular views of volcanic mountains and lush scenery. The city has a variety of buildings that are made out of white stone. The native language in the city is Spanish. You can easily find Spanish classes to brush up on your foreign language skills while visiting the area. Research travel packages to Peru by entering your travel information in an online travel calculator. Compare the prices at several websites before you book your flight. There are a few museums located in Arequipa that Read the rest of this entry »

Arequipa’s spirit has been shaped by earthquakes. The city suffered an 8.4 magnitude earthquake on June 23, 2001. The historic center of the Arequipa was heavily damaged by the earthquake; however, this was not the first earthquake to cause catastrophic damage of the cultural center, with buildings dating to 1540 AD. An example of one building with history impacted by strong earthquakes it the Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa, which was the first structure erected in the city. Constructed started on August 15, 1540. The first earthquake to destroy the structure occurred in 1583. The city decided to rebuild the church in 1590 Read the rest of this entry »

Arequipa, Peru is in the heart of Colca Valley. Throughout most of the year, this area of then country is similar to the rest. With heavy Aztec influence, mixed with former Spanish customers, there is an eclectic taste towards just about everything. The Spanish based roofing is combined with Aztec styled construction, not to mention almost all of the food is a combination of both. However, during April, there is an event that is something like what you won’t see anywhere else in the country. Read the rest of this entry »

The city of Arequipa is located in southern Peru, and in the year 2000, the historical center of the city was designated a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The city was given this designation in part because of the decorative nature displayed in the architecture of the buildings. The architecture represents an exquisite combination of European and native cultural influences.

Arequipa is known as “The White City” because the buildings are constructed of a material called sillar which is Read the rest of this entry »

Sitting at 7,625 feet; in the hillsides of Peru is a wonderful place to visit called Arequipa. Many people come to Peru to visit Machu Pichu, but this sity is well worth the stop.

Head South from Lima to Arequipa, the second biggest city in terms of population and industry in Peru. Known as the “White City”, Arequipa is dotted with colonial style buildings and churches, all constructed from a volcanic stone, which is a beautiful pearl white. Adding to the beauty of the city is the weather and surrounding landscapes. The city sits among Read the rest of this entry »

If you are considering traveling and are wondering where would be the best place to visit consider visiting Arequipa, Peru. This is a great travel destination for several reasons. The weather in Arequipa, Peru is very warm and there are several places to visit to make your vacation one you will not soon forget. While you are there you can take part in the river rafting adventure. Here you will be able to ride the waves and enjoy the great scenery of the water and land. While you are there you can also enjoy Read the rest of this entry »

Once a Spanish colonial stronghold, the city of Arequipa lies in Peru’s Southern Coastal Area, surrounded by high volcanoes whose peaks keep their snow all year. That might be one reason for its nickname, but most natives agree it is the white stone, or “sillar”, quarried from the volcanoes and used in many of Arequipa’s distinguished older buildings, that resulted in the term. Whether by day, under the typical warm sunshine, or under the lights at night, this “ciudad blanca” literally glows. The sight is so stunning, in fact, that UNESCO has named Arequipa Read the rest of this entry »